viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

The Difference between You and a Pro

If we really break it down, a mastering pro usually has three things over what you do at
The gear. A real pro mastering house has many things available that you probably
won’t find in a simple home or small studio DAW room, such as high-end A/D and
D/A converters, a great-sounding listening environment, and an exceptional monitoring

The monitoring system of these facilities sometimes costs far more than many entire
home studios. Cost isn’t the point here, but quality is, since you can rarely hear what
you need to hear in order to make the adjustments that you need to make on the
near-field monitors that most recording studios use. The vast majority of monitors
and the rooms in which they reside are just not precise enough.
The ears. The mastering engineer is the real key to the process. This is all he does day
in and day out. He has ‘‘big ears’’ because he masters at least eight hours every day
and knows his monitors the way you know your favorite pair of sneakers. Plus, his
reference point of what constitutes a good-sounding mix is finely honed, thanks to
working hours and hours on the best- and worst-sounding mixes of each genre of
A backup. I don’t know who said it, but this phrase rings true: ‘‘The difference
between a pro and an amateur is that a pro always has a backup.’’ It’s good advice
for any part of recording, but especially for mastering.

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